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      TEL:86-575-89385666 turn 8801

      Zhejiang Realm Holding Group

      Realm Holding Group was founded in 1995 in Xinchang, the location of the first Buddha in South-China. It is located in the beautiful developed coastal areas and just around 80 km from Ningbo, the International port city.

      Realm is a professional manufacturer of electric tool enterprise. The products covering high-pressure cleaning machines, industrial gasoline/ diesel high-pressure cleaning machines, electric garden tools, and the high-performance lithium battery DC tools which is the critical development in 2015.

      The sale network covers more than 60 countries and regions in Europe, North America, South America, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. With the expanding domestic market demand, Realm is in the development stage of rapid growth.

      Realm had a long-term cooperation with European and American famous designers and Zhejiang University in developing products. A double sealing pump body was pioneered which improvs the efficiency to 3-5 times compared with similar products. Its various technologies won 70 items of national patent, got 30 new products with provincial appraisal, transformed more than 10 items of scientific and technological achievements; and passed through the ISO9001 quality system certification. The series of high pressure cleaning machine products passed European Community CE/EMC/FTL certification, American ETL/UL and German GS certification.

      In 4.0 industrial age, Realm Group introduced the modernization industrial robotic equipment in the new factory production line which greatly improved the productivity and product quality. These measures accelerated the upgrading of Realm’s manufacturing mode, and became the first enterprise realized the implementation of the industry's intelligent manufacturing.

      Realm has 20-year’s history. Now, Realm is integrated into the world economic integration trend. We are going to make Realm become a cultural and a classic public praise by transforming itself into an international brand and company.

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      Contact:The ministry of foreign trade
      Tel:86-575-89385666 turn 8801

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