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      TEL:86-575-89385666 turn 8801

      Zhejiang Realm New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd

      Zhejiang Realm New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd was established in 2004, is a modern company which integrates design, research and development, production and sales of lithium battery garden tools and related accessories. 

      Company has advanced producing and testing equipment, experienced research team and always insisting on the basis of technological innovation, continuous innovation, and continuous development of new products. The development and production of new energy lithium battery garden tools is another important measure for the company, which is of great significance for the company to maintain regular customers and develop new customers and new markets.

      Series of the lithium battery garden tools products mainly including 40V lithium battery leaf blower,grass trimmer, hedge trimmer,pole hedge trimmer,pole saw, lawn mower,etc. Following we will continue to develop 20V, 80V lithium garden tools series products. Compare to the traditional garden tools which use of gasoline engine and AC power, making the customer operate inconveniently and environment pollution, the lithium battery garden tools meets the higher safety, environmental protection and energy saving requirements, and it is more convenient to use.

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      Contact:The ministry of foreign trade
      Tel:86-575-89385666 turn 8801

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